Transformer Assembly in Brazil

Our company works with several transformer assembly plants in Brazil: Powering Brazil’s growth Renowned for its rich culture and abundant natural resources, Brazil is also emerging as a global powerhouse in the energy sector. At the heart of this transformation lies the critical role of transformers, the unsung heroes of

Manufacturing in Bangladesh

Shanghai Lulu Technology Co., Ltd., are an electrical steel manufacturer. We cooperate with many factories in Bangladesh. The demand for electrical steel in Bangladesh is growing rapidly. However, the production capacity of electrical steel in Bangladesh is insufficient, and the product quality cannot meet the market demand. We, an electrical

Iron Core Production Line in Mexico

Electrical steel is an indispensable and important material in the power industry and is widely used in electrical equipment such as motors and transformers. The Mexican core production line is a world-renowned electrical steel production base with advanced technology and rich experience. In recent years, we, Shanghai Lulu Technology Co.,

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