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Do you know silicon steel?

Silicon steel is also known as electrical steel, laminated steel or transformer steel. It is a ferritic iron alloy of silicon and iron that is used in the manufacture of transformers and electric motors. These steels have a silicon content of 0.5 wt% to 4.5 wt% and a carbon content of

Application of electrical steel

Non-grain oriented electrical steel is also known as silicon steel, laminate, core and electrical steel. This special steel has certain magnetic properties, such as high permeability or low hysteresis loss. The core steel is magnetized and then demagnetized. This causes it to heat up and absorb energy, which results in power

Ultra-thin, high-grade Non-oriented Silicon Steel

High-grade non-oriented silicon steel is a basic functional material for national economic construction. It is an indispensable soft magnetic alloy in the fields of electric power, energy and military industry. It is mainly used in manufacturing cores and electrical components of generators, large and medium-sized motors, new energy vehicle drive

What is Electrical steel?

Electrical steel, usually referring to cold rolled electrical steel. It can be divided into two major categories, including grain oriented electrical steel and non-oriented electrical steel. Grain oriented electrical steel(GO), with its easy magnetization direction parallel to the rolling direction, has excellent magnetic properties in the rolling direction, including low

Electrical Steel

Oriented Silicon Steel Introduction

Oriented silicon steel(Oriented Electrical Steel) is mainly used to make transformer cores and stator cores of large generators, and is one of the most important functional materials for the development of the power industry. The microstructure of oriented silicon steel is mainly characterized by grains that are highly inclined to

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