Iron Core Production Line in Mexico

Electrical steel is an indispensable and important material in the power industry and is widely used in electrical equipment such as motors and transformers. The Mexican core production line is a world-renowned electrical steel production base with advanced technology and rich experience. In recent years, we, Shanghai Lulu Technology Co., Ltd.

Electrical steel manufacturers have established a close cooperative relationship with the Mexican core production line. Both parties have worked together and achieved fruitful results.

The cooperation between Shanghai Lulu Technology Co., Ltd. and the Mexican factory is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Technical exchanges: Both parties regularly conduct technical exchanges, share their respective research and development results and production experience, and jointly promote the advancement of electrical steel production technology.
Product research and development: Both parties will jointly develop new electrical steel products that meet market demand, expand product categories, and enhance product competitiveness.
Market expansion: Both parties will jointly explore the international market, promote high-quality electrical steel products to the world, and expand market share.
Cooperation results

Through close cooperation between both parties, we have achieved the following remarkable results:

Product quality has been significantly improved: With the joint efforts of both parties, the quality of electrical steel products has been significantly improved, meeting international standards and well received by users.
Effectively reduce production costs: Through technical exchanges and experience sharing, both parties jointly optimize the production process, effectively reduce production costs and improve corporate efficiency.
Significant growth in market share: With the joint efforts of both parties, the market share of electrical steel products has grown significantly, and the company’s visibility and influence have significantly increased.
future outlook

In the future, we will continue to deepen our cooperation with the Mexican core production line, further strengthen technical exchanges, product research and development and market expansion, and create greater value for the development of both companies. We believe that through the strong alliance between the two parties, we will be able to create a more brilliant future together!

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